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Ruble Ranch

Meeting your loved ones in their world and in their time.

Memory Care

Ruble Ranch of Brookside is a Memory Care Home located in Overbrook as well. This home was recently purchased and remodeled. This intimate residential setting houses up to eight people in need of memory care. 

We take pride in treating every resident with the deference, dignity, and attention he or she deserves. We emphasize strengths, individual abilities, and keeping things positive.

Great care begins with the highest level of qualified caregivers with ongoing training and monthly in-service. Our caregivers are trained in validation approaches, encouraging interaction with residents in the most caring and effective way possible. We place equal importance on good communication between our caregivers and the families of our residents. 

Our caregivers meet our residents where they are: in their world and in their time. We offer programs that help stimulate long-term memory and increases enjoyment of the moment. This includes pet therapy, massage, and aromatherapy. 


509 Western Heights

Overbrook, KS 66524



"I have been a resident there two times in the recent past and it's a wonderful place with a wonderful, caring staff."

-Susan McDonald

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