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Family Resources

Making the right choice, at the right time.

Having "The Talk"

The conversation about moving a loved one to a retirement community can be difficult. If you’re nervous, the following tips can make the conversation a little easier. Please don't hesitate to reach out

  • Be prepared. Prior to your conversation, do your research. You want to provide the best information possible. Call us if you have additional questions at 785-665-7124.

  • Everyone's in. Invite all parties involved to talk openly about options. Make sure your family members feel their concerns are being heard and let it be a joint decision.

  • Know when is best. Choose a moment when you and your family are rested and feeling well.

  • Get others involved. Consider inviting a trusted outside party to join in the discussion, such as their doctor, pastor, long-time neighbor, or family friend.

  • Listen. Hearing and understanding everyone’s wishes and concerns is imperative. Being in agreement can make the process 10x smoother for your loved one.

  • Revisit. Don’t expect to reach a decision right away. Many discuss over the course of several communications, and it’s important to give your family members some time. Come in for a second visit; we'd love to have you!

“Dear Brookside friends, my heart is touched. It meant so very much. Thank you for good care you gave Delbert, while he lived at Brookside. He made many friends and he enjoyed the parties and the bus trips very much. You made his final days so happy. Thank you all.”

Jean Branson, Ralph Branson and family

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