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To move someplace new, when you know every “nook and cranny” of your home, is a hard decision to make. We understand your need for independence, and that you want to live somewhere that seems like home…only a little easier. We work hard to make our facilities feel like home, through the services and activities we offer.

Neighborhoods: Culture Change


Culture change or resident-centered care is a paradigm-shifting method of care from traditional nursing homes. Brookside staff are trained to give residents choices during their day. Residents can choose when to get up in the morning and when to go to bed at night.  Our dietary staff offers a variety of options at each meal. There are different activities residents can choose from each day. Also at Brookside there are spa tubs located in 2 of the 3 spa rooms, so that residents have a say in how they bathe. We find giving residents choices is very empowering and gives them a sense of independence and autonomy.

At Brookside, we have created three different neighborhoods, all named by previous residents: Cottonwood Lane, Evergreen Plaza and Lilac Lane. Each of the three neighborhoods have their own dining room and a state-of-the-art bath and spa.

Another transformative aspect of culture change is the role of the universal worker. Our dietary aides, quality of life coordinators, CNAs, CMAs, housekeepers and all other staff find ways to help one another and support one another even if the task before them does not fit their specific job description. One might often find a CNA leading Movers and Shakers (a dynamic daily exercise activity) or it is not unusual to see one of our Support Team staff members sweeping or mopping up after mealtimes or special events. This reliance on the universal worker role creates a greater sense of collective ownership and a team-focused culture, where the needs of the residents are attended to by all the staff members of the neighborhood.

In discussing ways in which culture change has improved the atmosphere at Brookside, staff members talk about the benefit of working closely with the residents on that neighborhood. Staff members get the opportunity to know and understand the preferences and choices of each resident. The staff also get to know the residents' family members really well and build special bonds. It is with great eagerness and excitement that we look forward to the upcoming changes that will allow us to broaden the scope of culture change at Brookside!

"I have been a resident there two times in the recent past and it s a wonderful place with a wonderful, caring staff."

-Susan McDonald