Nadine Helbert

“Thank you for your loving kindness that you gave to Maxine. She was a wonderful aunt and will be missed by all of us. Again, thank you; it was appreciated.”

Theda Davis

“I wanted to tell you that Jim Zimmerman called us yesterday … and they told about their recent visit to Mother (Edna Wehrle). They didn´t know the name of the aide that woke Mother up and got her situated in her chair, but she thought this aide was good and caring. Jim says Martha has a keen sense of smell and “sniffed” and said it smelled good when she walked in. Not their experience with other nursing homes. Thought you´d like to know.”

Rich Woolverton

“I can´t thank you enough for the special care given to my mother during her eye operations. Your kindness is truly appreciated.”

Bob and Kit Bostrom

“Scott, Kit and I want to thank you and your staff for the plant you sent to mom´s funeral and for the wonderful care you gave her. I don´t think I could have asked for better care in her last days than your staff gave her. Thanks for everything.”

The family of Wilma Mackey

“Brookside staff, Few things mean as much as the kindness extended by others. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness.”

Doris Swallow

“Merry Christmas to Scott and to all the wonderful staff at Brookside, You all were so caring and helpful with my folks. I especially thank Esther for all the calls and time she gave me to keep me informed about my dad in his last days. You are truly a caring group and I couldn´t have been happier with the way things were taken care of – wishing you all a Happy New Year and a truly blessed Christmas.”

Theda Davis

“Scott, I sent a congratulations card to Millie for being Employee of the Month, and noted our appreciation of the good care she takes care of Mother. Rusty Shepard also is very good to Mother, and she thinks he is great. I was glad to read about him in the Spotlight column. Please tell him so. Also please pass onto Tammy Nash that we enjoyed reading about her in the newsletter. We think Brookside food is great, and spoke briefly with Tammy over Christmas dinner, but didn´t know she was the new Dietary Manager. I know quite a few staff by name, and it is nice to know more about them via ´Inside Brookside.´ ”


“Dear Brookside Family, Words cannot express my appreciation for the great party you gave me in honor of my retirement. I still can´t believe it is really over, but as soon as I am able, I´ll be there to visit often. (I miss coming already). The residents and staff at Brookside are so very special and Overbrook is lucky to have such a wonderful place in their town!”

Christmas family adopted by Brookside

“Pat and the staff of Brookside, I just wanted to say thank you so much for adopting Dorian, Shay and I this Christmas season. It is because of wonderful, caring and loving people like you that we were able to get through this holiday season. The kids and I cannot express what it means to us to have special people like you in our lives.”

LeAnn Croucher

“Brookside Staff, Thank you so much for inviting the Glenn Croucher family to the Father´s Day picnic. The food was great, and we had a nice time. Thanks so much to those who worked so hard to see this was a success.”

Jean Branson, Ralph Branson and family

“Dear Brookside Friends, My heart is touched. It meant so very much. Thank you for good care you gave Delbert, while he lived at Brookside. He made many friends and he enjoyed the parties and the bus trips very much. You made his final days so happy. Thank you all.”

Mildred Walker and family

“Brookside staff, Thank you so much for the flowers. It was really appreciated. I want to thank everyone that took care of Joe. You care was kind and loving and I was real blessed with all of your efforts.”

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Davis

“To Everybody at Brookside, I won´t mention names because I would be sure to forget someone. Mother´s 104th birthday was a wonderful, memorable occasion. Mother, (Edna) was so pleased, and joins my husband and me in our Thank You.”

MaKenzie Karr

“Dear Brookside Retirement Community, Thank you very much for supporting me through 4–H. I´ve been in 4–H for seven years and am very happy that you chose to support me. Thanks again and I hope to see you again next year.”

Marilyn and Bill Slade; Bob, Janis, Jim, Linda, Don and Carol Henderson; Betty Barrett

“Brookside Team, Each of you will have a special place in our hearts. And know mom is at peace now and smiling down on us. Scott you have a great staff at Brookside. God bless. Thanks so much for the Prayer Plant you gave in memory of Melva Henderson. It was beautiful. Mom always loved flowers, and I am sure that she is smiling down on them. Also, thanks so much to everyone at Brookside, the nurses, cooks, laundry lady, cleaning ladies, beautician, staff and residents. I can´t name each one as I would probably miss someone and each was so very special. From the friendly smiles, the gentle hugs and kisses and when you stuck your head in and asked, “How are you doing today, Melva?” She smiled all over. Thanks for all the meals and the coffee. It was a great comfort to us.”

Jim and Nellie Plumberg

“Everyone at Brookside, As all of you are my friends and friends like all of you are a rare treasure, but “thank you” seems so small compared to all you´ve done, but it comes from our hearts. Want to thank you for the beautiful plant. It is much appreciated and also thank you for the pictures.”